enjoycaffeine.com is owned by Raymond Goncalves, a Canadian citizen and resident.

I consider myself quite lucky and fortunate to have obtained this very unique internet domain name, which surprisingly has never been registered before...

Just goes to show, that even as recently as March 09; 2015 you can still find really valuable internet domain name real estate consisting of only 2 words. This was the major score and home run for me :-)

There is a graphic image of "enjoy caffeine," which is avilable as a t-shirt, but the person wants US$41.45 each! Kinda ridiculous if you ask me :-\

I plan on selling my own version of an "enjoy caffeine" t-shirt (and other products) but NOT for that silly, stupid price to be sure.

This will be the most interesting website, so come back soon, and see what changes transpire here.

Just another fun thing to note was that I actually purchased enjoycaffeine.com for the seriously low cost of CAD$1.74 with a godaddy.com promo code easily found over the internet, can you dig it?
That is the price for a large cup of coffee for Pete's sake. That is not/never going to happen too often, where you can find such a valuable dot com domain name for such the low cost.
Dot com domain names with the word "caffeine" in them are going for as much as US$3K. I intend to really make a go of this enjoycaffeine.com domain name, and see what I can do with it :-)


Raymond Goncalves